Why Use Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid?

Natural gas currently accounts to 22 percent of the world’s energy. It is used for a number of applications such as electricity generation, heating homes and offices as well as engine fuel. Natural gas has always been a popular option for energy and is the most preferred fuel for gas turbines in contemporary power plants. However, gas turbines are quite sensitive to contaminants and impurities. This is where fuel gas conditioning systems come into picture. No modern power plant can be imagined without a quality fuel gas conditioning skid in place.


Natural gas comprises of a number of impurities which are required to be eliminated so that it can be efficiently utilized by the compressor or turbine. Let’s take a look at some reasons why fuel gas skids are used:


Removal of contaminants

Natural gas contains various impurities and elements such as particulate matter, hydrogen sulfide, condensed gas, heavy hydrocarbons, water and siloxanes to name a few. If these are left unchecked, it can result in reduced efficiency, frequent unplanned outages and may also cause the systems to fail. Having a fuel gas treatment package in place ensures that all of these contaminants are eliminated to improve the system functioning and efficiency.


Increased Productivity

Productivity is a crucial factor to be considered and it can be affected by quite a few factors. It is essential that the gas doesn’t contain liquid droplets. To be precise, at least 99.5 percent of particles must be eliminated. A fuel gas skid for gas turbine helps enhance productivity by a significant margin.


Increased equipment life

Optimal fuel gas quality is crucial to the system. Improved fuel gas quality helps improve the longevity of your expensive equipment. Bad fuel gas quality can cause the turbine blades to corrode or erode untimely. So, if you want your turbine to work efficiently without failing from time to time, you must have a fuel gas conditioning skid in place.


Gas temperature & Pressure

Gas temperature and pressure are two vital parameters. The gas temperature must always be higher than the dew point value. Also, gas turbines require a stable operating pressure. Even the smallest of variations in fuel gas pressure can lead to turbine trips and loss of efficiency. Operating pressure value is required to be achieved with a great degree of accuracy and that’s what a fuel gas conditioning skid does for you. It helps maintain operating pressure within small limits to keep any turbine trip events at bay. Besides, due to over-pressure protection measures in place safety is also guaranteed.


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